Women's Coolsleeve Gel Sleeve
Hot & Cold Therapy, Compression

Coolsleeve Hot & Cold Compression

The Coolsleeve is a new convenient hot and cold therapy compression sleeve that can help aid your sore muscles and joints whilst relaxing or moving around due to its comfortable compression fit.

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Unisex Coolsleeve Hot & Cold Compression


The Coolsleeve is a multi-use product, you can use your coolsleeve wherever it fits! Great so that you and your family can use it to ease pain and reduce swelling. Learn more.

Multi Purpose Gel Sleeve

Instant Pain Relief

The Coolsleeve provides instant pain relief to your muscles and joints with a soft flexible cold sleeve that moulds to the shape of your limb, providing 360 degree coverage.

Ice pack

No More Bags Of Ice Or Peas!

Better days are here! Coolsleeve replaces the need for you to use bags of ice and hard frozen bags of peas to help you with your injuries. The firm comfortable fit helps you recovery faster! Learn more.

Why Coolsleeve?

Hot & Cold Therapy

✅ Coolsleeve provides both hot and cold therapy.

360 Degree Coverage

✅ Coolsleeve provides 360 degree coverage around your limbs.


Your Coolsleeve should be a firm comfortable fit, which provides much needed compression.

Flexible Fit

The Coolsleeve is fully flexible when frozen, which makes it very easy to use and slide on.

Our Exciting New Products Below!

Migraine Cap


Migraine Cap

Annoying headaches and migraines? The Coolsleeve migraine cap is the product for you! You can enjoy the Coolsleeve hot or cold.

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Shoulder Pain Relief


Shoulder Coolsleeve

The shoulder is a very difficult area to apply hot and cold therapy, coverage and compression. But we at Coolsleeve think our new shoulder coolsleeve solves that probelm and is a great solution to shoulder recovery.

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Wrist Pain Relief Sleeve


Wrist Coolsleeve

Arthritis pains, sore wrist etc? Our new wrist coolsleeve is a simple solution to your pain releif and recovery.

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